Man admits second felony in a month |

Man admits second felony in a month


A Gardnerville man faces up to 16 years in prison after he admitted to fighting with deputies in the jail on Monday.

Michael Luis Cota Jr., 19, admitted he battered a deputy while he was a Douglas County Jail inmate.

That charge carries a sentence of 1-6 years in prison.

Cota was arrested May 1 in connection with a February burglary of a firearm in Kings Lane.

He had already waived his preliminary hearing and was scheduled to appear in District Court when the altercation occurred July 6.

According to deputies, Cota told deputies his ankle was bothering him on July 6 and that he wanted to go to the medical center. When he was told he would be examined by the jail nurse first, he started fighting with deputies, punching one in the head and yelling for other inmates to rise up against the deputies.

He was Tazed and put in the restraint chair.

In exchange for his plea, a second battery charge will be dropped.

Cota faces up to 10 years in prison after he admitted July 9 to being a principal to the Kings Lane incident.

However, a plea deal that includes his testimony against the man who arranged to sell the weapon, prosecutors agreed to recommend 12-60 months in prison. He could also get probation.

Monday, District Judge Tom Gregory confirmed Cota knew his agreement was with prosecutors, not the judge. If Gregory determines that it’s justified, he could sentence Cota to the maximum consecutive prison terms.

Gregory set Cota’s sentencing for Sept. 10.

Cota’s attorney, John Malone, said he would present evidence that Cota had been dealing with different psychotropic drugs in way of mitigation.

According to court documents, Cota is accused of conspiring with a 14-year-old to climb into the Kings Lane home through a window Feb. 13.