Man admits he owes $50,000 in child support |

Man admits he owes $50,000 in child support

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Sentencing was set April 9 for a 31-year-old Indian Hills man who owes $50,000 in child support.

District Judge Michael Gibbons released Mark Duncan from Douglas County Jail on Monday, and ordered to get a job. If Duncan is successful, he must turn over 50 percent of his net income to pay the debt.

Duncan pled guilty to failure to support or maintain a child. He faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine in addition to the child support.

The state has agreed to recommend probation without additional jail time as long as Duncan complies with court orders.

According to court records, Duncan was ordered to pay child support in May, 2005, and has failed to meet his obligation toward his daughter who is now 11.

Duncan told the judge he expected to find work within 24-48 hours of his release.

“I’m considering selling cars,” Duncan said. “I’ve got 10 years of sales experience. I’ve got a great resume and letters of recommendation. The only hole is I haven’t worked for the last few years.”

When asked why he hadn’t worked, Duncan said, he needed “a push start to get going again.”

Gibbons said he would re-evaluate the payment schedule at sentencing.

“This is much more severe now,” Gibbons said. “You have to make employment and paying support your highest priorities.”