Man accused of breaking wife’s hand, choking teenager |

Man accused of breaking wife’s hand, choking teenager

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Bail was set at $35,000 for a 55-year-old Gardnerville Ranchos man accused of breaking his wife’s hand and choking her teenage son as they were moving out of their home.

Dean Charles Lopez is set to appear in East Fork Justice Court on Sept. 1.

He was arrested Aug. 18 when deputies were summoned to his address in the 1200 block of Manhattan Way just before noon.

Witnesses said Lopez kicked in the door to the home when his 40-year-old wife refused him entry because he had been evicted.

When deputies arrived, the woman had blood spatter on her shirt and a scrape on her left knee. The boy also had blood on his shirt and arms, scratches on his arms and back. He had a bite mark on his left bicep and his neck was red.

The victims said Lopez was leaving the scene in the woman’s vehicle when the teenager pushed over his bike. They said Lopez allegedly stopped the van, got out, and started after the boy.

The woman got between them and Lopez reportedly shoved her out of the way. He grabbed the teenager by the throat and held him. The boy told deputies he hit Lopez in the nose and they fell to the ground, continuing to fight. He said Lopez bit his arm.

Eventually they separated and Lopez left in the woman’s car.

He was taken into custody a short while later.

Senior Judge Steven McMorris appointed lawyer Kris Brown to represent Lopez.