Making a splash on the pond tour |

Making a splash on the pond tour

The yellow fellow is the grandfather, literallly a big fish in Sue Roaldson's 4,000-gallon pond in Minden.
Kurt Hildebrand

The life of a pond owner is fraught with hazards.

In Minden resident Suzy Roaldson’s case, it was the koi’s decision to spawn the day before a photo shoot to promote Saturday’s annual Pond Tour.

Roaldson took it in stride.

“This is our place of peace,” she said. “It’s hard to come in here stressed and leave still stressed.”

And like the woman whose husband thought he was a chicken, she could use the eggs.

The Roaldsons put the roe from the previous night’s fishy fun in a tank where they raise new koi.

The pond’s yellow grandfather is 17 years old and is the big fish in the pond.

But the smaller fish are home-grown, which is a theme for Roaldson and husband Greg. She doesn’t use any chemicals in the pond or their yard.

She said she felt it was healthier for the fish, her pets and the family.

While she’s had a bear in her backyard, it didn’t bother her fish, who take to the bottom when the pond freezes over.

She said that when they moved in, the back yard was all grass. They put in the pond 14 years ago, but landscaped it with the help of Greenhouse Garden Center three years ago.

The self-guided tour features 11 ponds in Douglas County and Carson City.

This year one group will be making the driving tour in antique vehicles.

Tickets are $10 each or $15 per couple, and are available at Valley Garden Center, 1144 Highway 395, Gardnerville, and Greenhouse Garden Center, 2450 Curry St., Carson City.