Make the future bright for Frosty |

Make the future bright for Frosty

by Laura Brunzlick , Staff Writer

A dog with a dislocated hip discovered after Saturday’s Parade of Lights celebration in Minden will need a new home unless his owner comes forward.

The male dog, dubbed “Frosty,” in honor of the Bright Nights for Frosty Nights parade theme, was found Saturday night with what appeared to be a dislocated hip and femur fracture.

The injuries were probably three to four days old, said Betsy Larsen, a veterinarian at Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Larsen, who is treating Frosty, described the dog as a “sweetheart.”

Although no X-rays have been taken, Larsen said she is certain the 1-year-old mixed breed Catahoula hound has a dislocated hip or fractured pelvis and a broken femur on its left rear leg.

Frosty’s leg also has a severe infection. Larsen said the leg will have to be amputated in one week or after the infection heals.

Once it has recovered, the dog will need a home unless the owner comes forward, said Nancee Goldwater, an animal control officer at the Douglas County Animal Shelter.

In Douglas County, pet owners have five days to claim an animal before it is declared abandoned and can be adopted, she said.

Goldwater said Frosty appreciatively licked the animal control officer who transported him to the veterinary hospital.

“With a heart as big as Frosty’s, I think he deserves the chance to be someone’s best friend, even if he will only have three legs,” Goldwater said.

Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital has offered to do the surgery at a discount, but donations to help defray the cost are being sought.

“Imagine the warm feeling you can have as you spend the holidays with loved ones, knowing that the donation you gave for Frosty’s medical bills helped save his life,” Goldwater said. “Your generosity can make a difference in our little corner of the world.”

Donations can be made at the animal shelter, located at 921 Pinenut Road in Gardnerville, or sent to PETDMED AID/Frosty Fund to Animal Services, P.O. Box 218, Minden, NV 89423. To find out how you can help, call 782-9061.

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