Maintenance worker finds cash, returns to club |

Maintenance worker finds cash, returns to club

by Andy Bourelle

What would you do if you came across a bag full of money? Daniel Judd, lead maintenance worker for the Town of Minden, was going through a kitchen cabinet at the CVIC Hall Tuesday, where he found a clear plastic bag full of money – $2,200.

“At first I thought it was play money,” Judd said. “It took me a second look to see it was the real thing, and a good bit of it.”

Judd quickly took the money to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

“He could have stuffed it in his pockets and no one would have ever known,” said Sgt. Lance Modispacher, “but Danny Judd is not that kind of guy. He is an extremely nice person, and that didn’t surprise me at all that he would bring it in.”

Did Judd think about keeping it?

“Probably everyone would have that hint of thought at first, but it was obvious. No, I couldn’t do that,” he said.

There’s one group of people who certainly appreciate his honesty – the money’s owners. The Mendiko Basque Club had a card tournament, dinner and dance at the hall last weekend, with more than 150 participants. The club’s cash box was too full, and the members put the extra money into the bag and hid it in the cabinet for safe keeping. Unfortunately, the members forgot to get it before they left.

“We are very appreciative,” said Anita Izoco, the club’s president. “It’s nice to know there are honest people out there.”

“It was a typical mistake,” Modispacher said, “but thanks to Danny Judd they don’t have to lose anything from it.”

Although Judd did not keep the $2,200, his honesty was rewarding.

Izoco said Friday that the club intended to give him a plaque showing its appreciation and a gift of $200.

“It’s the least we can do,” she said. “Believe me, we’re very grateful.”

Regardless, for Judd, it was a little bit of excitement in an otherwise ordinary day.

“It was pretty exciting,” he said. “I never found anything but loose change before that. It was pretty neat.”

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