Main Street Gardnerville prepares to leave the nest |

Main Street Gardnerville prepares to leave the nest

Nevada’s first Main Street Program may be leaving the nest as it prepares to separate from the Town of Gardnerville.

Main Street Gardnerville was founded in 2008 as a nonprofit entity designed to invigorate downtown.

It received $25,000 in seed money, and the town has contributed additional amounts over the years, according to Town Manager Tom Dallaire.

Main Street Gardnerville will also be posting an ad for the replacement of Paula Lochridge, who helmed it since its beginning.

In 2009, Lochridge gave up the Woody and Paula Wake-up Show on K-Bull to become director of the first Main Street Program in Nevada.

Lochridge was hired as a town employee and was the program’s only paid employee.

“With the resignation of that employee, we have the opportunity to separate the town from Main Street Gardnerville,” Dallaire said. “This will allow the Main Street board to streamline and operate the program as they need, not having to report every move to the town board.”

Main Street programs across the country are generally separate from the towns they serve. When Minden approved its Main Street Program, proponents stressed that it was important that the director not be seen as a town employee.

Nevada doesn’t have a Main Street Program, which may be rectified by the Legislature. A bill proposed by the Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities that would have established a program in the Silver State died in committee in 2015.

The Condron Shell station is expected to provide offices for the Main Street program and a meeting location when it’s completed.