Magazine replaces girl’s birthday motorcycle |

Magazine replaces girl’s birthday motorcycle

by Maggie O'Neill

A 14-year-old teenager is all smiles about a new Suzuki dirt bike she received Wednesday at Michael’s Cycle Works in Carson City.

The bright yellow Suzuki DRZ 125L replaces a refurbished Kawasaki bike that her family gave to her in early September as a birthday gift.

That bike was stolen a day after she received it.

“I’m happy,” said Kayla Moore, the new bike owner. “It feels good (to receive this bike). Very good. This sort of stuff doesn’t happen to me or my family.”

Kayla’s mother, Debbie, was so upset by her daughter’s stolen bike, she wrote a letter to the editor of The Record-Courier, which resulted in a story.

Rick Campbell, Gardnerville publisher of “Motorcycle Industry Magazine,” read about Kayla in the newspaper.

“I said it’s not right that Kayla’s birthday bike was stolen, and since it was a birthday bike and she’s out riding and not stealing or doing drugs or causing problems, I thought she needed to have her faith in human nature restored,” he said.

Campbell talked with Robbie Burgess, co-owner of Michael’s, along with Craig Wear. Burgess made a bike available at-cost to Campbell.

The magazine paid for the $3,000 cost of the bike.

Kayla’s father, Rod, says people in the motocross industry are wonderfully supportive of each other.

“It’s all just one big family,” he said. “It’s so evident that Rick, who doesn’t know us from Adam, cares about what’s going on in the community.”

Kayla, her younger brother, Tyler, 9, and her mom and dad were at the store Wednesday. Kayla wore purple riding gear that her family gave her at her surprise birthday party.

A smudge of grease from her old bike was on the inside of her pant’s leg. The Moore’s 1985 Big Wheel was taken when Kayla’s Kawasaki was stolen.

Douglas County Secret Witness is seeking information on several cases of dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles and trailers that have been reported stolen. Anyone with information can call Secret Witness at 78-CRIME. A $500 reward is available.

Michael’s Cycle Works has been open for 24 years. Burgess said the state of Nevada does not require that dirt bikes be registered or have license plates, like in California.

“I would like to have that changed because of exactly what happened (with Kayla’s bike),” he said.

For Kayla, the new bike means she can continue riding each week with her family, and with someone else dear to her.

“I can ride with my best friend,” she said. “That’s the best part.”

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