MADD seeking Nevada volunteers |

MADD seeking Nevada volunteers

Staff Reports

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Nevada will present a volunteer orientation 7 p.m. Feb. 7 at the Carson City sheriff’s office in the Ormsby Room. The Sheriff’s Office is located at 911 Musser St. in Carson City.

The orientation will showcase the different volunteer positions that are available with MADD Nevada. Nevada Program Coordinator Linda Finch said she hopes to attract people who would be willing to be court monitors in the local courtrooms especially in Douglas County, Carson County, Lyon County and Washoe County.

Court monitors observe the judicial system at work in driving under the influence cases recording the outcome for offenders found guilty of a DUI. This information is compiled by the volunteers and sent to a MADD national data base where the group’s national staff can follow trends happening around the country. This volunteer position takes a few hours a week and training is provided.

Finch said the group is also looking for volunteers to become victim advocates, who help victims of drunk driving crashes or the surviving friends or family of a victim of a drunk driving crash. There is extensive training involved. Many classes are offered on-line but currently victim advocates must be able to travel and stay for a couple days to receive hands-on training.

The time commitment after training varies as to need.

As MADD is expanding its victim impact panels in Northern and Southern Nevada more volunteers are needed for these presentations. There is a need for people to help with registration and most importantly speakers are needed for the program. MADD is seeking victim speakers or family or friends who are willing to talk about the loss of a loved one in an alcohol related crash. MADD also uses first responders and people in recovery as speakers.

There is training offered and there are rehearsals. The victim speaker is a very difficult position to fill because many people do not want to speak publicly about their loss but Finch said it can be a healing experience for the speaker and helps offenders not offend again.

For more information or to reserve a seat for the orientation please call 267-2277.