Love to Leo at sunset |

Love to Leo at sunset

by Linda Hiller

An international tribute at sunset to Leo Buscaglia has been planned for this evening, giving friends and followers of the popular author and lecturer a chance for closure following his death last month.

Buscaglia, a 11-year Douglas County resident, died in Glenbrook on June 12 of a heart attack. He was 74.

A popular professor of counseling and special education at the University of Southern California for more than two decades, Buscaglia’s “Love class,” catapulted him to fame.

Organizers of tonight’s worldwide tribute, “Keep Love Alive,” are asking participants who wish to remember Buscaglia to find a beautiful spot to watch the sun go down.

“At sunset, people should go to the most beautiful place in their area, hopefully with a loved one or in a group,” said Steven Short, Buscaglia’s office manager. “Dedicate that sunset to Leo’s memory, and state a concrete way you personally are going to help perpetuate Leo’s legacy of love.”

Buscaglia was a patron of the arts and this year’s “Pops in the Park” July 4th concert in Genoa was dedicated to him.

His worldwide web site has many entries from “Buscaglians” who plan to get together and celebrate his life tonight.

E-mails from all over the world – Vancouver, Canada; Wisconsin, Staten Island, Albequerque, Semarang, Indonesia and Thailand – have stated their selected scenic sites to spend this evening.

For more information, contact the website, and go to the Meeting Place, scrolling down to “Keep Love Alive.”

Short said he was aware of no organized gatherings in this immediate area, although he suggested Lake Tahoe was one of Buscaglia’s favorite places in the world.

“Hopefully people won’t forget him just because he died,” Short said.

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