Lottery fever hits Carson Valley |

Lottery fever hits Carson Valley

Staff Reports

The possibility of winning a $1.6 billion jackpot sent Nevadans over the border into California seeking gold, or at least a winning combination in the state’s Lotto.

A winning ticket was purchased in Chino Hills, Calif. on Wednesday night, bringing the total back down to $40 million.

Lottery ticket buyer Dresslerville resident Sandy Fisher said last week that if she were to win the Powerball prize she would split it with her seven children.

Also moving her mother closer to her would be a goal.

Betty Gert of Indian Hills said she made the trip to buy tickets for 34 seniors. If she were to win she would make sure her family was taken care of as well as travel.

“I hope someone from our area wins,” Gert said. “I just can’t imagine what to do with all that money.”

Woodfords is one of the closest locations to purchase a lottery ticket.

The Nevada Constitution prohibits lotteries. Efforts to approve one have run up against opposition from the state’s casino industry.