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Lots of parts to Muller Parkway

While much has been made of the county’s obligation to build a segment of Muller Parkway across Park Cattle Holdings land, there are about two miles of the road waiting on other projects to be done.

One segment of the route that runs north of Winhaven was supposed to be done by the developers of Monterra more than two years ago as part of the project’s second phase.

Instead of building the second phase, developers skipped onto the third phase, which is now being built on either side of Buckeye Road near Minden Elementary School.

The second half of Monterra’s portion of 4,300 feet of four-lane road is supposed to be done by Aug. 31, 2021.

On Dec. 5, county commissioners refused to accept a report on the development agreement with Monterra until they had more information.

County officials said that it appears the developer is in breach of their agreement for the first part of Phase II.

Another 5,600 feet of the four-lane parkway will be built from Stodick Estates south to Virginia Ranch as required for that project under a 2009 settlement between owners and the county.

A development agreement between the county and Park Ranch Holdings is being challenged by a petition drive. Should that development agreement be overturned, the county and Park would have to determine what happens to the agreements for right-of-way from 2004 and 2007. No matter which ends up taking effect, the county will have to build two lanes of Muller Lane across Park land or lose the right-of-way. Estimates are that two lanes of the 12,691-foot roadway would cost about $12.6 million to build. Costs for the four-lane highway are considerably higher.

Under the agreement with Park approved this month, the county would split the cost of 2,604 feet of the road across the former Ashland Park property north of Toler Lane.

Under the agreement, the county is obligated to build the two lanes of the road by 2026.

County engineers have said for years that Muller Parkway is required to maintain level of service C through Minden and Gardnerville.

The parkway is not a freeway and has several planned intersections. County commissioners confirmed that the Parkway will not be built to state standards so it could be exchanged with Highway 395 through Minden and Gardnerville. Truck traffic has been prohibited on the route by county decree. The county is pursuing a BUILD grant to construct the Parkway to four lanes.

While Muller Parkway is expected to reduce traffic through the towns of Minden and Gardnerville, it wouldn’t do anything reduce traffic on Highway 395 north of the towns.

The Parkway has been on county plans for the past 30 years when it was first envisioned to take traffic around the towns.