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Loop Road project recruiting working group

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A Douglas County resident could be involved in developing a main street management plan for the Highway 50 South Shore Community Revitalization Project.

A three-person working group, including a resident of South Lake or Douglas County, a small business owner in the project area and a resident of the project area, is being recruited by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and Tahoe Transportation District.

The project will reroute approximately one mile of Highway 50 to run behind Heavenly Village and the Stateline casino core, creating a bike, pedestrian, and transit-oriented main street corridor that extends throughout the Stateline area, from Pioneer Trail in South Lake Tahoe, California to Lake Parkway in Douglas County.

The main street management plan is a condition of TRPA’s permit approval for the project and will be developed for the main street corridor on the former Highway 50 alignment (see map).

“Because this project has the potential to deliver so many benefits for the South Shore community, we want to ensure all voices are heard,” said Joanne S. Marchetta, executive director of TRPA.

The management plan will detail the policy, design, and implementation of transit, bike, and pedestrian circulation improvements; business, service, and emergency vehicle access; parking management strategies; wayfinding signage; and streetscape amenities needed to ensure the main street corridor is utilized to its greatest potential and provides a world-class experience that matches the unique natural environment at Lake Tahoe.

The stakeholder working group will convene to help develop the main street management plan over five meetings beginning in late March. The working group will include representatives from the transportation, business, recreation, tourism, and environmental sectors. Other critical partners in this planning process include TTD, the City of South Lake Tahoe and Douglas County.

The nomination deadline is March 5. Nomination forms are available online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/B2XSQJV