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Long prison term given Stockton man in meth trafficking in Gardnerville in 2017

A Stockton man who came to Gardnerville to sell 2 ounces of methamphetamine received the maximum sentence of 6-15 years in prison on Monday.

Jeremy P. Morgan, 31, admitted he sold 54.7 grams of methamphetamine on Aug. 2, 2017.

Attorney Mathew Work said Morgan accepted that he was going to prison, but argued for a lighter sentence.

He said that with time served, Morgan could get out and be part of his baby daughter’s life.

Work said Morgan was introduced to the drug life at an early age.

Prosecutor Erik Levin said Morgan had five prior felonies and that when he was picked up on a warrant in California, he fought extradition, claiming he was the wrong person.

Morgan admitted to felony trafficking in October 2018 after prosecutors lowered the charge from a Class A to a Class B felony. Levin said that charge reduction provided Morgan with a substantial reduction in sentence. Class A trafficking is punishable by life in prison with a possibility of parole.

Prosecutors also agreed not to pursue habitual criminal charges against Morgan.

Morgan was given credit for 284 days time served and fined $1.

A 25-year-old Dresslerville man admitted he led Douglas County deputies on a Jan. 13 chase that went from the Gardnerville Ranchos to Johnson Lane.

Jessie Avalos, 25, was arraigned Monday on one charge of attempting to elude authorities.

He faces up to 1-6 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. He is also eligible for probation.

“I apologize for putting officers in danger,” he said.

He is being held in lieu of $53,000 bail after prosecutor Matt Johnson opposed a reduction.

“There is a high likelihood we would never see him again,” Johnson said.

Avalos is scheduled to be sentenced April 1.

A Kingsbury woman was sentenced to 12-30 months in prison for possession of a credit card without the owner’s consent on Monday.

Debra A. Cisneros, 58, received 60 days time served on the charge. She has been in custody since Nov. 7, 2018.

A Gardnerville Ranchos man admitted to punching a woman in the face.

Samuel R. Terrazas, 39, was arrested Jan. 15 in Indian Hills after the incident.

According to the court he punched the victim in the jaw.

He admitted to a count of battery by a probationer, which carries a 1-6-year sentence.

Under the plea agreement, Terrazas will remain in custody until his April 1 sentencing.

A Carson City man, who was the subject of a three-hour manhunt in Jacks Valley in May 2018 admitted burglary on Monday.

Taylor Peart, 35, faces up to 120 months in prison and a $10,000 fine at his April 22 sentencing. He could also receive probation.

Deputies responded to a report of a residential burglary May 31.