Little boy donates $109 to Angel Vargas |

Little boy donates $109 to Angel Vargas

Heidi Alder, Staff Writer

This holiday season has provided the opportunity for one boy to help another.

In July, Angel Vargas, 18, was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia.

His younger brother was tentatively identified as a bone marrow donor, if Angel goes into remission. Angel’s mother, Marce Medina, took a leave of absence from her job as a nurse at Barton Memorial Hospital to care for her son,.

He has been in and out of the hospital since he was diagnosed, and may go to Seattle if he gets a bone marrow transplant.

Several fund-raisers and food drives have been organized to help the Vargas family pay for Angel’s medication. The Angel tree in Smith’s was set up to give the community the opportunity to donate money.

Nine-year-old Gene Lengdorfer took the initiative to help Angel by donating $109 to the Angel tree.

“We save a portion of their allowance every year to give away,” Sheryle Lengdorfer said of her children. “I shop at Smith’s and read The Record-Courier. When I heard about the Angel tree, I asked Gene if he wanted to give his money for Angel. Gene was happy to help someone locally.”

They took the money Gene had saved for the past two years into Smith’s and put Gene’s name on an angel.

Gene, a 4th grader at Scarselli Elementary School, said he liked giving the money for Angel.

“Angel has our best wishes,” Sheryle Lengdorfer said. “We really hope he gets better.”

Anyone can donate to the family at Bank of America account no. 0049 6266 4755.

For more information, contact Nancy Rojas at 782-7846.