Lithium charger may be cause of Vicky fire |

Lithium charger may be cause of Vicky fire

Firefighters responded to a fire at a home on Vicky Lane in the Johnson Lane neighborhood of Carson Valley.
Kurt Hildebrand |

A fire that occurred Tuesday on Vicky Lane may have been caused by the malfunction of a lithium battery charger that was sitting on the coffee table.

A passer-by reported seeing smoke at around 1:15 p.m. The property owner came into the front room to find his living room couch on fire and the room full of smoke, according to East Fork Capt. Terry Taylor.

The man was able to get his cockatoo and English bulldog out of the house, though the cat died as a result of the fire.

The back rooms of a home on Vicky Lane are habitable after a fire damaged the front room on Tuesday afternoon.

“The damaged area is to the living room, dining room and kitchen,” Taylor said. “The bedrooms and bathrooms also got some smoke and heat damage.”

The house is divided and the south end is habitable, Taylor said.

Electricity and gas was restored to the home.

Vicky Lane was closed while firefighters worked on the property. Personnel from East Fork, Johnson Lane, Gardnerville and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office responded to the fire.

While there was live ammunition in the house, there were no reports that any rounds went off as a result of the fire.

No injuries were reported in fighting the blaze.