Limit labels, not debate |

Limit labels, not debate


A brief comment on the remarks of April Burchett. I believe that she is on the correct track by acknowledging differing political views without inferring that one view is superior to another. We are told in print that 67 percent of the polled citizens type themselves as conservative, but there seems a need to align oneself with a simplistic designation, a thought with which I totally disagree.

Jefferson, Franklin, and others are properly defined as liberals since the entire concept of this constitutional founding is one of a liberal democratic republic. To that extent, the terms liberal, moderate, or conservative, are totally misleading.

Yes, we do have some extreme views, the most dangerous of which is manifest in the current secular-socialist views that seem now to dominate Washington. So, be careful who you vote for, and by all means, limit their time to about six years in the District of Corruption.

Vernon Latshaw