Lily back in custody after brief escape |

Lily back in custody after brief escape

Staff Reports

Friday the 13th was an unlucky day for Lily the Rottweiler-mix.

Animal Control officers confirmed that she was adopted on Jan. 12. Her new owner took her with him to work on a house at Lake Tahoe.

He put her in a fenced back yard, but a pile of wood as tall as the fence offered her an opportunity she couldn’t resist and she escaped.

Lily spent the night along the shore of Lake Tahoe.

On Saturday, Douglas County Animal Control officers Liz Begovich and Karin Klug went up to Tahoe to see if they could locate her. They took Klug’s truck because Lily learned to run from Begovich’s vehicle while she was running loose near Holbrook Junction earlier this month.

Klug walked around the neighborhood calling for Lily and she got the dog to come to her. Lily is now in the custody of animal control where they will continue to work with her until she’s ready to be adopted