Lifepoint went, gave and served community |

Lifepoint went, gave and served community

Lifepoint Church members helped clean up CC Menely Elementary School's exterior perimeter, repainted outside play areas and inside organization task Saturday as part of the church's "Go Give Serve Love" outreach program.
Sarah Drinkwine

Dozens of Lifepoint Church members flooded throughout Carson City and Douglas County Saturday with a mission; “Go give serve (and) love.”

The mission was a community outreach project to go out and serve at various locations for the mere joy of doing it.

“It’s an opportunity for us to go out and be disciples…just doing it with no expectations in return,” a church member said during an opening prayer earlier that morning.

Some locations the church reached out to include BLM Trials, Kids & Horses, Douglas County Animal Shelter, Brookdale Senior Home, Austin’s House and CC Menely Elementary School.

At CC Meneley Elementary School a group of a least ten Lifepoint members did some outdoor clean up, repainted the hopscotch and four square play areas, organized the teacher’s lounge and helped with some clerical tasks.

“It’s a beautification of the property,” said CC Menely Principal Becky Rugger. “I feel like it’s a gift to my school and that we’re embedded in the community. Douglas County is known for taking care of each other and this is an epiphany of that.”

The school’s maintenance lead Tom Gremore also was appreciative of the church’s outreach.

“It helps me immensely,” he said. “At times our maintenance get overwhelmed. We have a great maintenance team, but sometimes it can be a lot to keep up and what they’re (Lifepoint) doing today, it’s little things, but it goes a long way.”

The church members agreed reaching out to the community was a blessing to be a part of.

“For me it was wanting to help schools and bless our teachers because they do so much,” said Lifepoint Church’s Children Pastor Tracy Conover.

“We live in a great community. It’s such a great opportunity to give back,” added church member Sharon Hekhuis.

Lifepoint does many outreach projects as well as Sunday services, children, teens and adult bible groups and more. For more information, call 267-0151.