Lifelong Minden resident up for town board |

Lifelong Minden resident up for town board

Susie Jackson received the Minden Town Board's recommendation to take a seat on the board.
Kurt Hildebrand

A Jacobsen will be on the Minden Town Board for the first time in more than a decade after Susie Jackson was recommended to fill the position left open by Glen Radtke.

Jackson’s brother, Bruce Jacobsen, served on the board for 24 years before term limits prevented him from being re-elected in 2008.

Jacobsen, who is the son of Sen. Lawrence Jacobsen, and has lived in Minden for 64 years, spoke in support of Jackson on Wednesday.

“The Minden Town Board is the very grass,” he said. “To be a good board member you have to have heart. My sister has that heart.”

Former board member Ross Chichester also supported Jackson.

“Her experience with the state on a board for that long will be a real asset to you guys, because she knows what it’s like to work with a board,” he said.

Town Board members unanimously ranked Jackson at the top of their lists.

Former Clerk-Treasurer Ted Thran was second and retired Marine Maj. Mark Wlaschin was third on the list.

Wlaschin received significant public support for his bid to the town board, including from Minden Elementary School Principal Ken Stoll and East Fork Battalion Chief Larry Goss.

Town Board member Matt Bernard, who grew up in Minden, said he felt that if the town board disappeared right then, the applicants could step in and do a great job.

Chairwoman Roxanne Stangle encouraged all the applicants to file for election to a seat on the town board.

Board member John Stephans may be subject to term limits when this term is up in 2020.

Jackson said she believed that growth is inevitable, but it is critical that it be “organized, planned growth.”

“I think the former town boards have done an absolutely wonderful job of maintaining the town,” she said. “The town needs to be vigilant in maintaining what boards have done in the past.”

Jackson said she felt growth, water and the plan for the town were the most important issues.

She said she would be opposed to going into debt for a project.

“We have to be very careful and very fiscally responsible,” she said.

Former town board member and county commissioner Steve Thaler said that whomever the board appointed they should do so unanimously.

“There’s not a candidate here who will not serve the Town of Minden well,” Thaler said. “No matter who you guys appoint you’ll do fine. Whoever you chose make sure they complement you in keeping Minden, Minden.”

The final decision on the town board member is up to Douglas County commissioners.

Jackson is a commissioner on the Nevada Parole Board.