Library roof to come off Monday |

Library roof to come off Monday

by Merrie Leininger

Linda Deacy, director of the Douglas County Library, is asking patrons to be patient with the disruptive construction scheduled to start Monday.

She said the library should not be severely effected during the six week, $130,000 reroofing project. Computers will be inoperable starting Monday while the skylight right inside the doorway is being removed.

“Because of the dust, the computers will have to be covered,” she said Thursday.

Construction includes removal of the metal parts of the roof, which make up small peaks and the trim to be covered with composition shingles.

The rest of the construction, which involves putting in a slope in the roof so water doesn’t puddle, shouldn’t disrupt the daily workings of the library too much, Deacy said, “except for the noise and temperature when they are messing around with insulation.”

Library hours should not change, either, she said.

The roof construction should be done by the time the expansion project starts in the spring, Deacy said.

“Starting at this time of year, you never really know. It’s difficult to say depending on the weather,” she said.

Once the temperatures warm up in the spring, expansion of the front of the library will begin. After that has been done, the parking lot will be expanded.

The cost of the roof, the expansion and the parking lot is $1 million, Deacy said.

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