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Leaving Lake Tahoe

A Stateline man who pleaded guilty last week to failing to register as a sex offender said he’s ready to leave Lake Tahoe.

Attorney Tod Young said Andrew Warner, 71, wants to move back to Florida.

“He does not want to be here. He’s been sober since his release jail. He knows his life is not good for him here. When the incident occurred there was a lot of alcohol going through his system. It was hard to have a conversation with him.”

Warner told Judge Dave Gamble that he was ready to return home.

“How soon can that happen?” Gamble replied.

“I’ve see the light and I’m ready to go back to where I came from and start over. I’ve got a lot of relatives out there. I’ve seen the light and put the bottle down. I don’t really want to walk around here.”

Gamble sentenced him to 12-34 months in prison suspending the sentence for three years as long as Warner does not use or possess alcohol or controlled substances.

“As soon as you go back to the bottle, you’ll be back in front of me or someone like me. I agree it is your best bet to go back where you have your people.