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Leaky water system subject of county presentation

Staff Reports

A dozen leaks along Lakeview Drive have plagued the Zephyr Water Utility District since the beginning of August, prompting a report to Douglas County commissioners this afternoon.

Utility System Superintendent Jerry Walker reported that fixing the leaks cost a total of $33,756.

In his report, he said a leak back in June cost the district more than the last dozen put together. That leak cost $38,261 and was due to lack of inspection and faulty construction. In his report to county commissioners, he said the pipes aren’t old enough to be failing.

Replacing 1,508 feet of 1-inch plastic and 4-inch steel pipe along Lakeview with 8-inch PVC is proposed to repair the water line.

The district’s ozone generator is failing, which could cost up to $270,000 to repair.

According to Walker, a generator and a back-up were installed in 1998.

The generators have an effective life of 10-15 years, and have failed 15 times so far. The company is out of business and parts to maintain the generators are no longer available, he said.

Zephyr Cove residents experienced a 14 percent rate increase that went into effect on Feb. 1.

Douglas County is proposing increasing rates again in September for all of its water systems, including Zephyr Cove.

Rates for residential customers with a 3/4 inch line will go from $75.79 to $89.12. Rates for customers with a 1 inch service line will go from $189.47 to $222.79.

None of the Tahoe water systems have residential meters.