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Leadership students raise funds for local nonprofits

Pau-Wa-Lu leadership students donated $500 to two Douglas County nonprofit organizations Wednesday.

Every year leadership students at the school participate in a community service project and raise funds through school events to support local charities. This year the students supported DAWG and Tahoe Youth and Family Services.

“We were really impressed with how taken the students were with this project,” said seventh-grade leadership teacher Daniel Hyden. “A lot of the time we focus on the school and how we can make improvements here, but the students really wanted to expand out and help the community too and that was really impressive to us.”

In the past students voted on one nonprofit, but because of how successful they were with their fundraising throughout the year they wanted to split it between two organizations.

“They’re a great group and are pretty successful at raising funds,” said Hyden. “We wanted to give them an avenue to do that and give them options where their money would do the most good.”

After researching nonprofits individually the students were divided into groups of three based on common findings and interests.

For instance, seventh-graders Abby Hutchings and Abbi Girdner and eighth-grader Leonna Hinnant had a common interest in Douglas County Animal Welfare and were assigned to contact the organization as a team.

They were given a tour of the facility and learned what DAWG and Douglas County Animal Care and Services does for animals.

Hutchings and Girdner said it felt good knowing the animals will be taken care of a little better because of what they were able to do for the organization.

“It feels really good to give back,” Hinnant added. “I volunteer with the shelter and just adopted a cat from there. It just feels good knowing more funds are going into helping the shelter and the animals.”

Seventh-graders Faith Wilson, Julianne James and Jayden Vanloozenoord presented on Tahoe Youth and Family Services and said their choice was for reasons a little closer to home.

“Sometimes people don’t have the resources or support and don’t know where to go for help,” said Vanloozenoord. “I know someone who went to them for help and just knowing there is an organization that helps people feels great, because I know they are getting help and getting better.”

After connecting with the organizations the students presented their research to the class and as a group voted who they wanted to support for their community project.

Other presentations were given on Kids & Horses, Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada, Water International and more.

“It feels good to help an organization that helps others,” added James.