Layoffs announced at Bently Nevada |

Layoffs announced at Bently Nevada

by Regina Purcell, Staff Writer

Twenty-three employees at Bently Nevada Corp. were given notice this week, and company officials said they are “realigning” the Minden-based plant to “poise for growth.”

The 23 employees were based in the custodial, security and food services departments. On Thursday, company officials gave them 60 days notice, and offered assistance on future job placement elsewhere.

“We’re doing everything we can to ease the transition,” said Joel Burbank, communications spokesman for Bently Nevada, a division of General Electric Power Systems.

“This is a tough decision that was not made lightly,” said Burbank. “When we do make business decisions, it is done with growth in mind.”

He said the company does not expect additional layoffs.

Burbank said GE will outsource the affected departments’ responsibilities.

“Even though the employees have done a fantastic job, the simple fact is that GE is not in the restaurant, food services, custodial or security business,” said Burbank.

“There are other organizations out there that this is what they do, what they’re good at.”

Burbank said by bringing in companies that specialize in custodial, security and food service industries, the employees will be better served.

GE Power Systems purchased Bently Nevada, a recognized global leader in rotor dynamics, in January 2002. Burbank said products made by Bently Nevada monitor the “health” of GE systems. They currently employ 900 people in the Carson Valley plant.

“Business is great. We are excited to be where we are,” said Burbank.

“Minden is and will be our headquarters for Bently Nevada global operations.”

Burbank said the company plans to grow business through “existing markets, new markets we think we can compete in, and acquisitions of companies with leading edge technology to compliment what we do.”

GE Power Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of power generation technology energy services, and management systems with revenue of more than $15 billion.

Burbank said 53 people are also expected to be laid off in the Houston plant but he said those layoffs are a completely separate event.

Burbank said, in both Houston and Minden, GE is providing counselors and a fully staffed placement center that offers classes on resume writing and interviewing techniques to assist laid off employees in their job search.

“We are really trying to do what we can for the affected employees,” said Burbank.

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