Land use change fails; master plan upheld |

Land use change fails; master plan upheld

Lorna McDaniel

The master plan was upheld by commissioners Thursday, denying Thomas Abdoo, owner of the Tree House Nursery, permission to change his parcel zoned agriculture and receiving to commercial or multifamily.

The proposal failed even with three commissioners in favor of a zoning change because a super majority, or 4-1 vote, is needed to amend the master plan.

A zoning change to commercial for the 12.8-acre parcel, located on Dresslerville Road and Route 756, was accepted by the planning commission last month despite objections of nearby homeowners who said they would be affected by traffic at an already congested intersection.

Commissioner Steve Weissinger, representing the Gardnerville Ranchos, said he met with the Pleasantview homeowners and understood their concerns.

However, he said he changed his mind from opposing the commercial overlay of the property provided that it be zoned only for office commercial.

He said after the meeting that the office zoning would be a compromise for the home owners and Abdoo.

Weissinger explained that people working in offices 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. would generate less traffic to the area than a fast food restaurant or convenience store.

“It would be wrong to deny the right to build,” he said.

Commissioner Jacques Etchegoyhen said if the county allows for a zoning change in receiving areas, many other land owners would line up for the same consideration.

“If we use that kind of rationale, we might as well pave it all,” he said.