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Koontz Lane reopens; Clearview Drive to close

by F.T. Norton

After 10 long months of motorists taking winding routes through residential neighborhoods to avoid the closure on Koontz Lane, work was completed Friday on the overpass there for the Carson City freeway’s southern extension.

“Anything’s better than it was,” said Rose Weatherfield, whose house abuts the new bridge. “It’s just been a mess for months. But everyone was very nice.”

Nevada Department of Transportation Spokesman Scott Magruder said the Koontz Lane closure began in April so crews could dig 25 feet down for the freeway extension, whose completion is in limbo.

The freeway currently runs from Lakeview Hill to Fairview Drive.

“NDOT is pursuing funding options to complete the entire freeway to the Highway 50/Spooner interchange,” said Magruder.

Construction on the final leg of the freeway isn’t expected to start until 2014.

The bridge is part of a $7.6 million project to build bridges at Koontz Lane and Clearview Drive and do drainage work and utility relocation for the future freeway.

Magruder said there will be no access to and from the freeway between Fairview Drive and Highway 50 West. So while the freeway will be convenient for through-traffic, residents will either have to exit at Fairview Drive or when the freeway is finished at Highway 50 West to access anything between Fairview and Spooner Junction.

Beginning Monday, Clearview Drive will be closed so bridge, drainage and utility work can begin there. That closure is anticipated to be about 10 months, also.

For Weatherfield and her neighbors, the headache of having to take the long way home from the east end of town will be replaced by another.

“People think this is a freeway,” she said. “They’ve always just raced up and down Koontz Lane.”

The speed limit on Koontz Lane is 35 mph.