Kiwanis introduce new club |

Kiwanis introduce new club

District Court Judge Tod Young inducts Tony Maresca as the Aktion Club Treasurer Wednesday during the Kiwanis' "A Night of Vision" presentation.
Melissa Blosser |

Vision was the theme of the evening at a presentation provided by the Kiwanis Club of Carson Valley Wednesday at the Douglas County Community Center. It was the vision of a new club being introduced to the community called Aktion Club of Carson Valley.

“The Aktion Club provides for adults 18 and older living with disabilities an opportunity to build leadership and decision-making skills, as well as hold leadership roles in the club,” said Gary Dove of the Kiwanis of Carson Valley. “They learn organization, teamwork and experience meaningful community-service activities as they learn by doing. But the most important lesson they learn is that individuals working together can and do make a difference to the world around them. ”

Like anyone with a desire to serve others, adults with disabilities want to be an integral part of their community. Aktion club gives them that opportunity.

“This is a group that doesn’t treat others like they are invisible,” said guest speaker District Court Judge Tod Young, as he inducted the new members. “ We all deserve to be seen in the vision of our community. No one is more important than the next, all of us are important and that is what makes this community and the vision of Aktion Club.”

Aktion Club empowers members to be themselves, work together with friends and implement plans through action. As an extension of Kiwanis International, Aktion Club shares the mission of serving children and the community. Through Aktion Club, members become leaders in their community.

The club has already been established in Tahoe and the vision is to bring it to the Valley.

Aktion Club of Lake Tahoe President, Andrew Young has been with the club for a long time and said he joined because he wanted to help his community and to make new friends.

Two Carson Valley residents shared those thoughts and were inducted into the club as new officers Wednesday night; Tony Maresca as the Treasure and Heather Dreyer as the Secretary. An additional 18 individuals were added to the roster as members.

“I think people need to take care of the community,” said Maresca. “ I joined because I care about the community and helping people.”

Maresca was a Kiwanis Key Club member at Douglas High School and has been involved with other projects such as Relay for Life.

Dreyer has volunteered with Helping Hands Thrift Store and is currently volunteering at the community center.

Both participate in the Special Olympics.

“Every single one of you brings a strength to this club, just as it will bring strength to you an your community,” said Young.

Other contributors of the club who believe in the vision and are showing their support are Director of Community Services Scott Morgan, Dean Seeman Foundation Trustee Judy Keele and the Family Support Council of Douglas County Executive Director, Steve Decker.

Dove said the club is still a work in progress and more members are needed to allow the club to fully develop and become a reality.

“Everything ties into the vision,” said Dove. “ We want you to be a vision of the community and come help us make it a reality.”

To learn more about Kiwanis or Aktion Club, call 339-8882.