Kingslane sidewalk project inching forward |

Kingslane sidewalk project inching forward

A proposal to replace the culvert on Martin Slough will go before the Douglas County Water Advisory Committee next week.

Replacing the 30-inch metal pipe is part and parcel of the project to install sidewalk south of the entrance to Kingslane.

The new culvert is 3-feet tall and 8-feet wide, according to a notice posted at the entrance of the Gardnerville community.

Gardnerville Town Manager Erik Nilssen told the town board the “ditch committee” had rejected a previous request to work on the slough because there wasn’t a means to maintain improvements.

That was corrected with the approval of an agreement with the Kingslane Owners Association.

Under the agreement, the town will maintain the culverts, sidewalk and improvements to Martin Slough and Kingslane owners would maintain the channel and the surface improvements of the driveway and the wall.

Nilssen said that the slough work is in the floodplain, which requires compliance with regulations established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers.

He said that with winter coming, work won’t begin until after irrigation season is over.

“You have to time everything correctly and since we won’t construct this fall it really puts it off until next fall,” he said.