Kingslane sidewalk project in the works |

Kingslane sidewalk project in the works

A truck runs up Highway 395 in front of Kingslane. The lack of a sidewalk on the south side of the highway forces people onto the road in bad weather.
Don Garrison/Special to The R-C

Don Garrison has been watching the improvements in front of the Gardnerville Town Yard while wondering why something hasn’t been done along the highway in front of Kings Lane.

The former East Fork Justice of the Peace has a relative who requires a scooter to get around and must try and navigate the dirt roadside.

That’s when it’s dry out. When it rains residents must take their chances with the highway as big trucks blow past.

But there may be help on the way in the form of an additional $220,000 required to install the sidewalk.

Town Manager Tom Dallaire said that the state should commit the additional money to fix the sidewalk and the issues that have been holding up its repair.

“Earlier this year the town board directed me to cut the project down so we could just install the sidewalk,” Dallaire said. “The plans for just the walkway and channel to Kingslane culvert were done and NDOT was reviewing them.”

The delay resulted from additions of the Kingslane entrance, lighting, the sidewalk and connection with the irrigation box, Dallaire said.

“The project grew to include a Kinglsane street entrance, street lighting, and sidewalk and connection to the irrigation box, that with a concrete lined channel and new box culvert under Kingslane, during the review with NDOT staff over the years,” Dallaire said. “Then working with each entities and their requirements grew the project further.”

He said he reviewed the plans and has sent them back to the consulting engineer for submittal to the state.