Kingslane sidewalk project clears another snag |

Kingslane sidewalk project clears another snag

If all Gardnerville had to do was lay a sidewalk along Highway 395 south of the entrance of Kingslane, it would have been done years ago.

But because the project involves one of Carson Valley’s major sloughs and is in the flood plain, it has taken all that time to get to the point where the town can start work.

On Monday, members of the Douglas County Water Conveyance Committee signed off on installing a concrete box culvert to replace the two metal culverts that transport water in Martin Slough.

The slough is actually an open ditch downstream from Kingslane and installing the culvert should help reduce flooding in downtown Gardnerville.

The committee rejected the plan last spring because there wasn’t an agreement between the town and Kingslane delineating maintenance responsibilities.

The town plans to replace the two 30-inch culverts with 150 feet of concrete box culvert, which will increase capacity.

Conveyance Committee Chairman Frank Godecke said that usually he’s in favor of replacing dual culverts, but that he was concerned that there wouldn’t be sufficient flow to keep the box culvert from silting up.

Work on the project will have to wait until next year’s irrigation season has been completed.

The sidewalk in Gardnerville essentially ended at the Kingslane entrance because that’s where the town ended for many years. The mall located south of the project was built in this century and Lampe Corners was built in the late 1990s.

The project also includes a rapid beacon crosswalk sign, to make it safer for residents to cross.

Around $500,000 is budgeted for the entire project.