Kids find time for slime at Minden Library |

Kids find time for slime at Minden Library

Brayden McGrew (4) takes a break from stiring his slime Wednesday during the holiday slime presentation at the Douglas County Public Library.
Sarah Drinkwine |

Children gathered in the Douglas County Library meeting room last week to indulge in some creativity and make holiday slime.

“It’s a good activity for parents to bring their kids to or to even do at home,” said Youth Services Librarian Kira Frederick, who spearheaded the project. “I know parents are busy this time of year so I wanted to do something that would entertain the kids.”

Frederick said the three-ingredient recipe is simple and only takes a few minutes to prepare from start to finish.

“It’s an easy way to provide a few hours of fun,” she said.

Participants got some sticky and colorful hands from the project, but it was worth it, said 9-year-old Tyler Rush.

“It was really fun, but it gets a little hard to stir after awhile and I got a little messy,” he said, pointing to his powdered shirt and holding up his dyed hands.

Some kids worried their slime didn’t come out right because it seemed a little hard when they squashed it between their fingers. Frederick’s response was simple.

“The best part of science is experimenting and seeing what is going to happen,” she said. “It’s OK to make mistakes. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad, but you learn from them and make changes.”

Frederick said the activity wasn’t just a crafty project to entertain the kids, but a science experiment as well.

“It teaches colors and textures,” she said. “And how certain ingredients react to each other changing the textures to something different.”

The holiday slime presentation was the last art project of the year at the library, according Frederick.

The library holds several arts and craft activities and presentations each year for children and adults, including a teen advisory board that will begin Jan. 11.

“It introduces leadership skills and looks great on an application,” said Frederick. “We encourage teens to stop by and fill out a volunteer application to participate.”

Upcoming events at the Douglas County Library include:

■ Lego Creations are being accepted now through Jan. 3.

■ “The Jungle Book” (rated PG) will show 2 p.m. Jan. 7.

■ Alice in Wonderland Tea Party 3-4 p.m. Jan. 21.

For more information about upcoming events, connect with the Douglas County Public Library on Facebook, Twitter, visit or call 782-9841.