Kidnap suspect headed for more competency testing |

Kidnap suspect headed for more competency testing

by Sheila Gardner

A kidnapping suspect is returning to a facility for offenders with mental health issues to be re-examined for competency to stand trial.

District Judge Dave Gamble approved a motion Tuesday filed by attorney Tod Young on behalf of his client, Jacob Wilcher, 21.

Wilcher was charged with kidnapping an 11-year-old boy from an outdoor church group in September. The boy was released unharmed, and Wilcher was charged with several felonies that carry penalties of up to life in prison.

He has been in custody since his arrest.

He spent several weeks at Lake’s Crossing Center for the Mentally Disordered Offender in Sparks where doctors determined he was competent to stand trial.

Young requestee a mental health evaluation which was conducted at the jail and led to his motion Tuesday.

Young asked that Wilcher be returned to the center with the results of a psychological exam and jail videotapes which show his behavior while in custody.

“I wish Mr. Wilcher well,” Young said. “In my 30 years as an attorney, I’ve never had a client as difficult to communicate with. He’s not mean to me. There is just no level of communication.”

On Sept. 11, a teacher at the Lifepoint church in Minden said she had been holding an outdoor class for youth members when a man, identified as Wilcher, approached the class, grabbed an 11-year-old boy, and ran around the side of the building.

When church officials caught up to Wilcher he had removed all his clothes and had the boy pinned to the ground with his foot. Church officials grabbed the boy, and attempted to detain Wilcher. He broke free, ran to his vehicle, and drove away.

A member of the congregation followed Wilcher in his vehicle until deputies were able to catch up and forced Wilcher’s vehicle from the road.

Wilcher was charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, open or gross lewdness, indecent exposure and attempting to elude a police officer. The kidnapping charge carries up to a life sentence.

In November, he waived his preliminary hearing and was to enter a guilty plea to one count of first-degree kidnapping. He is yet to enter a plea to the offense.

He was taken to Douglas County Jail where his bail is $328,130.