Keeping safe and connected |

Keeping safe and connected

Sorry to disappoint you in this edition; no history lessons today. Instead I am sitting here post-earthquake and sheltered in place with my family of six. One is less than a year old so he has just learned to crawl and stand so he is getting into everything. The others are practically adults so they can entertain themselves when the little guy is asleep.

I sincerely hope you all are healthy and doing the right things to keep all of us in the community safe. I know I see a lot more people out walking and enjoying the outdoors which is certainly encouraged. There are some things in the neighborhood that will change our landscape shortly.

First off, the Dog Park is nearing completion. At this writing the irrigation system is installed as are the pavers. When you see the pallets of sod arrive then it is almost done. I expect that to occur in the next few weeks. During the time of this crisis I hope it provides us all some respite from the crazy world we live in. Just be sure to keep your social distance.

I noticed today that there is a new sign on Johnson Lane for a boat and RV storage facility which is about to be built. It is on that cleared piece of land near the intersection of Johnson Lane and Vicky. It is in the industrial area so I guess it’s expected that it will be up shortly.

On East Valley, a parcel of land has been cleared between Downs and Stephanie. It appears it will be new houses at some point. You should also have noticed several new homes going up behind the elementary school. At some point in the future we are going to see the parcels near Heybourne sold and something will be built where the old cattle guard would have sat for all those decades.

OK back to the crisis at hand. We are now at least a week in, maybe two by the time you read this article. We are getting used to calling in and getting takeout or drive through now. Some of us in the house are getting to be better cooks but I don’t think they want anymore of my meatloaf or spaghetti. I am going to have to look up another recipe for meals. Our closest provider is the Taildragger. You have seen me write about them numerous times now. They are still supporting our community and I hope you are able to support them.

There is one thing that I know about Johnson Lane. This is a friendly, caring community. We check on our elderly neighbors and keep in touch with others. What concerns me is that we have experienced a rise in speeding in the area. Some individuals who are appear to be in a hurry and feel it is appropriate to pass someone over a double line or create other dangerous situations. These individuals are likely to harm themselves or others at some point in time. These concerns have been brought up to county leadership and they have committed to helping. That is one reason you have seen a larger presence of sheriff’s deputies. The road department will be conducting a traffic study soon and hopefully you will see additional signage and other methods to remind drivers to slow down.

Finally to wrap this up, I want to be sure and share sources of information. One source is You can sign up for the Johnson Lane area and get a lot of up-to-date information. That is how I heard about the earthquake. I didn’t feel it I was in a vehicle going to the get food for dinner. It also is a place to sell, trade or give away items. I received a really nice trampoline for free. My grandkids will love it. So, it is an excellent source. In addition, I regularly visit The Record-Courier’s “Running Commentary” it is a blog where valley locals can post similar to the AOL chat rooms of old. The RC has won awards on the commentary and it keeps me up to date. By the way, did you see the advertisement that the RC is half off? If you don’t subscribe please consider it. I don’t say that out of self-promotion. I do not get paid by the RC for the Journal. I just do not want it to go by the wayside we need a local newspaper and their staff are the best. The last source is the Facebook Johnson Lane Community Page. Search that term on Facebook and you will find it. Join the group and you will be tied into the community. It also is well managed and provides a lot of good information.

That’s it for now. I pray that you are all safe and healthy. If someone needs help please feel free to reach out to your neighbors. My personal email is I may not be able to solve your issue but I can more than likely get you in touch with someone that can. We are strong and we will survive this COVID-19 crisis. Stay positive and keep an eye out for more history once I can meet with my sources again.