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Juveniles arrested in blowgun attacks

by Leslie Pearson

Two juveniles were arrested Monday night in connection with four alleged blowgun attacks that began April 22 in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

Douglas County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Pat Brooks said that adults and children had been injured in the attacks on Ritter Drive and Kimmerling Way.

The juveniles are being held at the detention center at Stateline until their hearing.

Two blowguns were taken into evidence but Brooks declined to say if there were also darts confiscated. He said that the blowguns were not toys.

“I would consider them a weapon,” Brooks said.

Brooks said that the attacks seemed to be isolated events and not part of any trend among Valley teenagers.

Victims of the attacks commented on The Record-Courier Facebook site about the incidents.

Joe Menneally, Gardnerville Ranchos resident said in Facebook comments that his wife, Susan, was attacked.

“Considering the proximity of the dart entry wound to my wife’s spine, I’d say felony assault charges would be in order,” he wrote. “Just re-measured the entry point and it’s about 1.5 centimeters from her spine, so less than three-quarters of an inch. Nerve damage could easily have resulted.”

According to an email sent to The R-C by Susan Menneally, she was working in her yard when she was shot with a “four-inch long metal dart that had a black plastic end.”

The dartings were widely discussed on social media.