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Jury sees Stateline stabbing interview video

A photo distributed by authorities when they first identified Jose Rodriguez-Quezada as a person of interest in the slaying just before Halloween.

Jurors in a murder trial got to hear the defendant expressing remorse at killing a man in a Stateline hotel room in October 2017.

Defense attorneys have said that Jose Rodriguez-Quezada, 45, was in the hotel room where Kevin Leroy Edwards was killed, saying the stabbing was self-defense.

On Monday, the court reviewed a segment of a video tape that showed Rodriguez-Quezada talking with Douglas County Investigator Nadine Chrzanowski on Nov. 22, 2017.

During the video, whose audio is sometimes garbled, District Judge Tod Young said he could hear Rodriguez-Quezada say “I didn’t want to kill nobody.”

Young questioned Rodriguez-Quezada closely as to whether he wanted the jury to hear the statement.

Reno defense attorney Theresa Ristenpart said it’s a strategic decision to allow the jury to hear the statement.

She did object to video that showed Rodriguez-Quezada in handcuffs during the interview.

Prosecutor Ric Casper agreed to redact the first 90 seconds of the hour-long videotaped interview.

The defense is arguing that Rodriguez-Quezada killed Edwards in self-defense and that Edwards produced the knife.

DNA evidence confirms that Rodriguez-Quezada was in the hotel room where Edwards’ body was found in a chair on Oct. 3, 2017.

The trial resumed on Wednesday after a break for the district court’s law and motion calendar on Tuesday.

Chrzanowski was expected to testify about the interview she conducted.