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Judge Gamble announces retirement from district court

by Sheila Gardner

Judge Dave Gamble, the state’s longest-sitting district court judge, said Wednesday he is retiring from the bench Jan. 6.

In a letter to Gov. Brian Sandoval and the Nevada Supreme Court justices, Gamble, 61, called the decision bittersweet.

“I have deeply loved the work and it will be tough to walk away. As you know, the job of a general jurisdiction trial court judge is critical to our system of government and important in the lives of the people of Nevada,” he said.

Gamble was elected to the bench in 1986, and has been re-elected ever since without opposition as Department 1 district court judge.

“With 25 years of interaction with parties, lawyers, jurors, and the wonderful people I have worked with, I believe I have a sufficient supply of tales to tell from my rocker,” he said.

Gamble’s term expires in December 2014, so his successor would serve two years before running for election.

He said he had a concern the county would have two new district court judges if Judge Michael Gibbons chose not to seek re-election.

Gamble’s successor will be selected by the governor. from a pool of applicants.

Gamble said in an interview Wednesday that he planned to participate in the state’s senior judge program in which he would be assigned to cases in other jurisdictions.

“One of my strengths is settling cases without trial,” Gamble said. “As a senior judge, I would be assigned to go around the state and settle cases for judges. I may do some private mediation work as well.”

The judge said he loved his job as much as the first day he took office.

“Seeing it from this end, I cannot imagine having done anything else as a career,” he said. “Me getting elected to this job was miraculous in the first place. I am confident I was miraculously placed in this job. It was exactly what I was supposed to do. It’s been a glorious job. I feel so blessed to have had a career I enjoyed.”

Gamble said he would miss his co-workers most of all.

“This is a magical place,” he said. “The people in this building are extraordinary. I couldn’t have done what I’ve done without their support.”

Gamble said he was looking forward to the time he would have with his wife Diane, children and grandchildren.

He said he would be able to devote more time to City of Refuge, a nonprofit home he and his wife Diane founded two decades ago to provide pregnant girls and women with a place to live.

“I can get under Diane’s feet, so we’re setting up my own office in the house. We see this as really freeing up our time together. It’s really important,” he said.