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JT demolishesMidland Garage

The remains of the Midland Garage sit between the J.T. Basque Bar & Dining Room and Sharkey's on Tuesday afternoon.
Kurt Hildebrand

The former Midland Garage was torn down on Tuesday to make room for additional parking for the JT Basque Bar & Dining Room.

The garage opened in 1920 in the former Frey building. It was previously the A. Jensen store before it was remodeled as a garage.

The building was remodeled in 2007 for Yager’s Garage as a small engine repair shop.

Planning commissioners approved the Lekumberry’s June 11 request for a special use permit to use the site as a parking lot and a variance to keep the landscaping the same width as that on the neighboring lot.

Converting the site will allow access from Gilman Avenue to Eddy Street.

Lekumberry representative Keith Ruben said that the garage was not one of the historic properties listed in the Gardnerville Plan for Prosperity.

That list includes the Ritchford, the JT, The French, the Adaven, Cheshire Antiques and the Overland.

“Old buildings are expensive to operate and maintain, and to bring one back from the dead … is not economically feasible.”

The JT was moved to Gardnerville in 1896 from Virginia City to serve as an adjunct to the town’s first building, the Gardnerville Hotel

The actual hotel, which was moved from Genoa burned down in the early 1920s.