Johnson Lane residents hope for dog park |

Johnson Lane residents hope for dog park

John Hefner

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. We are about to enter into a new year, 2019. This year went by to quick for me and my household. It was a pretty good year for us.

Douglas County is heading into 2019 with many changes ahead. There will be a new sheriff in charge. Sheriff Dan Coverley has more than 20 years’ experience with law enforcement. He is a hometown sheriff that grew up here in the valley and graduated from Douglas High School. The Douglas County Board of Commissioners also will have new members. The new commissioners are John Engels and Wesley Rice. There are many others that will be taking a new oath of office as well. The swearing in ceremony for all new public offices is set for 9 a.m. Jan. 7 in the Historic Courthouse. The event is open to the public. I bet there will be cake!

Naturally there will not be any huge changes to our little community. Yes, there will be some new homes and new neighbors but no significant changes. Isn’t that one reason we live here? We like it when the pace slows down and things get comfortable. I know I do.

There are a few things I wish for in Johnson Lane for 2019. The first is for the dog park to be constructed by the end of the year. I understand that all the new construction has added significantly to the funds available for the dog park. The Parks and Recreation Director Scott Morgan tells me they want to make it the best park around. During my list discussion with him, they were trying to clear their calendar of some large projects. They are planning on getting the scope of work developed and get it out to bid in the near future. Let’s cross our fingers for sod, water fountains and ample fencing.

The second thing I wish for is that the county decides that Johnson Lane is starting to deteriorate to the point that it needs to be redone. If I recall the last time it was repaved was sometime in the late 1980s. There are numerous potholes and unlevel sections. It has really gotten worse in the past 12 months. I can only imagine what it will be like in 2020. If you have a chance to speak with any of the county leadership lets make sure it is part of the conversation. Maybe if we start squeaking about it now it will be redone in five years.

My pie in the sky wish is that a connector between the end of Vicky and perhaps Fairview in Carson City would pop up out of nowhere. Since Highway 395 is the primary route to Carson we have limited alternate routes north. When the recent fatality occurred the only way north was via Foothill Road in Genoa. That detour made a 13 minute trip over an hour delay. Yes, it is a rare occasion but we have experienced the closure several times. The route would need to be elevated over the river to avoid flooding. Anyway, it is just a dream that I have had since 1987 when I first moved here.

Well it is Christmas Eve as I write this journal. Time to put on some hot chocolate and put on one of the many versions of A Christmas Carol. When I was a kid the story scared the heck out of me. Who brings ghost into a Christmas Story? Turns out it is my favorite story about redemption and how it is never to late to change your heart. We all deserve happiness in our lives. I am very fortunate to have found it in my family and my community. To quote Tiny Tim I will end with his famous line “God Bless us, Everyone!”

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John Hefner is a Johnson Lane resident.