Johnson Lane Journal: Area gearing up for flooding |

Johnson Lane Journal: Area gearing up for flooding

John Hefner
Johnson Lane Journal

Hello, Johnson Laners, it appears that we survived this epic winter! Now the focus shifts to surviving the epic runoffs that are expected.

I suggest you heed the warnings and stock up on sandbags and prepare by having additional food stocks on hand and fuel for generators, etc. We might get some pretty active thunderstorms in the area in the months ahead.

Those, combined with the runoff, could leave the community cut off for a day or two and you want to be able to get through it.

The Carson River is the highest I have ever seen it at this point in 30 years. It won’t take much to cut us off from Carson City, etc.

The beautiful weather is bringing out the classic cars and the dirt riders! I love seeing all the old cars running around from show to show.

Recently Ramsden Ranch held its Friendship Day. Many of the cars displayed are absolutely stunning. It takes a great deal of love and attention to keep these vehicles in running condition, and I for one would like to tell them how much I appreciate the show.

If you have never been then you will have to wait until next year, but you won’t be disappointed. There are a lot of car shows to attend in the coming months.

Local Boy Scout Troop 33 will host its show at Fuji Park on Aug. 12. The show runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can download a registration form

All the proceeds go to pay for the scouts’ expenses for summer camps, jamborees, and camping trips. Please get your registration forms in early! If you do see an oldie out on the road, be sure to give the driver a honk or two, they love it.

For the dirt riders, I understand this is the time of year to get out and ride.

The conditions are great. Many of the areas were just cleaned up which helps increase the enjoyment of the ride.

The one thing I would ask you to do is to please be courteous to others on the road and to residents. Many times, I see riders going way over the speed limit as they head out or back from the BLM land.

While I appreciate your ability to ride, I ask you to please slow down and think about others. Think about the horses as you pass them by. Slow down or stop and let the animals go by if you need to.

Horses can spook easily, so please be kind. After all, we live in this area so we can all enjoy it. It is important that you get along with your neighbors and take their concerns into account.

If something does bother you, I hope you can feel comfortable enough to go talk to your neighbor about an issue before calling the police. They have better things to do than settle minor complaints. Let’s take a page from Rodney King and just get along!

Final thought, something big happened in the Legislature this month for veterans.

The legislature approved the funding necessary for the Northern Nevada Veteran’s Home. Many in the community don’t know this, but the only veterans home in Nevada today is one in Southern Nevada. This would require a vet in need of care to be transferred down south, which removes them from their family support chain. This type of home is more of an assisted living community instead of a nursing home.

This new funding will pave the way for a home to be placed in the Reno area. The land has already been secured. Federal funding is in the queue. But without a commitment from the State of Nevada it would sit in limbo.

Now that the funding has been approved, look for the project to be moved up on the priority list and then construction can begin.

Once built, families will be able to visit their parents and grandparents in a setting that is comfortable and respectful. I am very thankful to the Legislature and the community for supporting all of our veterans, they deserve it.

Send any announcements or organization information to John Hefner lives in Johnson Lane.