Jobs Peak settlement in works |

Jobs Peak settlement in works

After months of negotiations, a settlement has been reached between the parties in a lawsuit related to the Jobs Peak Ranch water system.

Under the settlement, the county will pay $10,000 and will receive two parcels from the project worth $165,000.

In addition to the parcels, developer Five Creek has agreed to pay $50,000 to the homeowners in exchange for dismissal of the lawsuit.

It has been seven years since the Jobs Peak Ranch Community Association sued Douglas County and developer Five Creek over the acquisition of that water system.

Part of the development agreement for the subdivision located at the base of Jobs Peak, was that the developer build a water system and dedicate it to the county.

In December 2005, the county accepted the water system, even though a presentation at a planning commission meeting the month before indicated that the water system wasn’t sufficient.

The problem was that water at the Jobs Peak well was active and would bind with copper and lead in the pipes that would pose a health concern for customers.

At that Dec. 15, 2005 meeting, County Manager Dan Holler said work to improve the system would come from connection fees for the remaining lots in the subdivision.

That never happened, and by 2009, the county was preparing to build a treatment plant and charge residents for the cost.

That’s when homeowners filed the lawsuit that would eventually go to the Nevada Supreme Court.

The supreme court sent the case back to Douglas County last summer. Negotiations have been going on for a year.

County commissioners plan to discuss approving their portion of the lawsuit at their Oct. 6 meeting.

On Thursday, Deputy District Attorney Doug Ritchie said all the parties were in agreement.

“At the end of the day, the HOA was satisfied that the county had taken steps to correct this,” Ritchie said.