Jessie’s Ranch starts hiring process |

Jessie’s Ranch starts hiring process

by Aurora Sain

A significant grant to Jessie’s Ranch is allowing staff to be hired and work to begin.

The Seeman Foundation awarded the Family Support Council with $201,000 to begin to hire and train the first batch of staff.

Last December they were awarded $112,000 by the Seeman Foundation to start Jessie’s Ranch and go through the process with the state for certification.

Last month, the Family Support Council was given the green light to proceed with the understanding they need to be ready to serve adults with disabilities by Dec. 1.

They want to begin hiring individuals in October so they have significant training time before the program begins.

They are hiring for case managers, with a job description and application available on the Family Support Council website.

Jessie’s Ranch is going to help adults with developmental disabilities gain independence and it will help them with day-to-day tasks.

“We will be the first service agents in Nevada to provide one on one support,” said Steve Decker, executive director of FSC.

The World Regional Center provides services from the state and they will be the ones to refer people to Jessie’s Ranch.

“The goal of the program is for people to be independent,” said Decker.

One of the goals is to help people get their own job, apartment and help with self-care, like rides to Walmart or the grocery store.

“The biggest news in this is this is the first time we will support them as individuals,” said Decker.

Most of the time, people with developmental disabilities have to go through group support, but Jessie’s Ranch will allow for individual support.

For more information visit or call 782-8692.

To apply, visit the website and then fax application to 782-1942 or email