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Jail term, dishonorable discharge for probation violations

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A 28-year-old man who violated probation on a drug offense at least three times was ordered Tuesday to serve 90 days in Douglas County Jail before his is dishonorably discharged.

“When I see a person on probation as much as I’ve seen you, it’s not a good sign,” District Judge Dave Gamble told Jerett McAlister.

Prosecutor Karen Dustman agreed with a recommendation from McAlister’s attorney Kris Brown that his probation be terminated.

McAlister plans to move to Idaho when he is released, she said.

At first, McAlister denied smoking methamphetamine and failing to advise his probation officer that he spent the night in Reno without permission, but did admit he was behind in paying fees.

He was the driver in a July 2009 single-vehicle rollover at the power dam south of Gardnerville which killed 22-year-old Christopher Medina for which he served six months in Douglas County Jail. The current probation is for possession of methamphetamine in an unrelated charge. McAlister has been back in court for failure to pay supervision fees and driving an unregistered vehicle.

“I think Idaho sounds like a great deal,” Gamble said. “I think anyplace but here sounds like a great deal.”