Ironwood patrons dodging pothole in parking lot |

Ironwood patrons dodging pothole in parking lot

by Sharlene Irete

Many people have complained about it, but Gardnerville resident Andrea Schaefer said the hole in the entrance to the parking lot at the Ironwood Center in Minden is no longer a small matter.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger,” said Schaefer. “I’ve noticed it but maybe someone else might not. It could get full of water and someone not see it.

“Hey, let’s get it fixed,” she said.

The pothole in question is just inside the Highway 395 entrance to the shopping center and has grown in proportion over the past few weeks. It is 45 inches at its widest point and about a foot deep.

Douglas County Code Enforcement Officer Kirk Streeter said his office has been called about the pothole and on Thursday he saw that someone had put a barrel in it.

“When developers build a project, they agree to maintain the landscaping and property in perpetuity,” said Streeter. “We’ll be sending them a notice about it.”

The Minden management company Camco is in charge of the Ironwood Center’s parking lot. A company representative said they have been getting bids on the work to be done and are waiting for warmer weather to do permanent repairs. In the meantime an orange pylon had been placed in the largest pot hole.