Inventor tries ozone to sanitize vehicles |

Inventor tries ozone to sanitize vehicles

Breathing ozone is generally bad for living things, which is good for a process designed to sanitize vehicles using the gas.

UVC LLC owner Brad Hollander is testing a system that can kill pathogens in under an hour at his Carson Valley labratory.

Last week’s test subject was a Douglas County Sheriff’s patrol car where Hollander set up an ozone generator and a sensor.

The goal was to bring the car’s ozone up to 20 parts per million to kill viruses.

Hollander has been working on ways to disinfect things for decades using a variety of means, including ultraviolet light.

He said that after he completes testing he will donate the equipment to the Sheriff’s Office and train workers on its operation.

Hollander is an inventor who has been working on germicidal disinfection products since 1976.

He said he has several patents for his equipment. He founded Steril Aire Inc. in 1988 and operated it until he sold it to his employees in 1998.

He founded UVC in 1999 where he patented and manfactured a waterproof submergible ultraviolet-C germicidal lamp and system.

Ultraviolet C is used to disinfect surfaces in hospitals and other buildings, but is also a form of radiation that can cause injury to human tissue.

He said he is working on means to disinfect buildings and spaces and discontamination processes that can be used in homes, offices and other places at an affordable price.