Interim director at Partnership |

Interim director at Partnership

by Christina Nelson

Cheryl Bricker seems out of place alone in an office.

Last week, she started a new job as interim director of Partnership of Community Resources and though the former Douglas High School counselor is used to being surrounded by students all day, she said she’s looking forward to the challenges of her new position.

“It’s exciting. It has a lot of new challenges for me. I’m familiar with the people and the programs in the community, so that part is comfortable,” Bricker said.

Bricker is filling in as interim director part time for 90 days.

Executive director Tanya Hill accepted a job at the Sacramento Regional Foundation in Sacramento, Calif., and left her post at Partnership last week.

“I think I was really fortunate to work in that community because the people that are involved in social and human services are unique in that they’re willing to work together,” Hill said from her office in Sacramento.

Bricker, who worked in the Douglas High School guidance office for seven years, said she will miss the constant interaction with teen-agers she had at DHS.

“That part is difficult for me. Changes are always a challenge,” she said.

She will be working with teen-agers and adults in the new job, but her duties are more administrative than her former position.

When her 90 days as director are up Oct. 30, Bricker may apply for the permanent position with Partnership.The Partnership of Community Resources board of directors will chose the new executive director.

n Running smoothly. “My goal is to keep the place running smoothly so there isn’t a void,” Bricker said.

Hill, who started her new job Monday, was involved with numerous organizations during her time at Partnership. She participated in Teens with a Future, Bridging the Gap of Isolation, Douglas County Community Access Public Television and the Center for the Application of Prevention Technology.

As for her new job, she feels it was the next step to accomplish her professional goals.

“I felt like it was time for me to look at other options and pursue other opportunities,” Hill said.

“I’m really looking forward to working with people who sincerely want to make a difference in their community,” she said.

Her job will involve working as a liaison between agencies that award grants and agencies that obtain grants. She also plans to work with an organization that attempts to prevent high school students from dropping out.

“I think the Partnership is such an excellent organization,” she said. “I really believe in the Partnership very strongly.”