Intense winter may delay some grading projects in Tahoe Basin |

Intense winter may delay some grading projects in Tahoe Basin

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Workers at the Sky Forest Acre Apartments scramble to lay curbs, gutters and driveways along Emerald Bay Road in 2007.
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Grading season in the Tahoe Basin is underway and officials with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency are reminding residents about grading limitations in Tahoe.

Although the season officially started May 1, all grading and soil disturbing activities must be suspended during times of precipitation, TRPA warned in a press release. Additionally, work is prohibited if soil at the project site is covered in snow, saturated or muddy.

The snow-packed winter and intense precipitation may lead to the postponement of some projects. According to TRPA, if you are digging and encounter groundwater, stop and call your project inspector.

Grading restrictions are intended to prevent soil and mud from washing into Lake Tahoe and reducing water quality, as well as other environmental impacts.

Projects that disturb more than 7 cubic yards of soil must apply for a grading permit, which can be found at Projects that disturb between 3 and 7 cubic yards of soil must notify TRPA with a qualified exempt activity form available at

Grading season this year runs through Oct. 15.