Individuality makes Ruhenstroth |

Individuality makes Ruhenstroth

I had the chance to drive a friend from Atlanta to our house recently. As we drove up Palomino and I rhapsodized about the view, I could tell that they were genuinely surprised – after all, our neighborhood in Atlanta was rows of nearly identical houses with identical lawns – a typical suburban neighborhood.

When we were shopping for a home, I remember looking at houses like that – after all, that’s what I was accustomed to after 20 years in Atlanta. And if that’s what you are looking for, you can certainly find it in Gardnerville but I’m delighted to say you won’t find it very easily in Ruhenstroth. Instead we have individuality, which is probably one of the reasons we love it so much and feel so at home after less than two years.

Some houses in our neighborhood are small, some are large, and most are somewhere in between. Some neighbors have horses, some have goats or chickens and some even have sheep or a donkey – nearly everyone has a dog or two or three.

Some houses are stone, some are brick or stucco or wood. Our house has trees and porches while others are decks and patios. Some lawns are perfect islands of green (not ours!) and some are wild sage. There are gardens and neat, brown fields of bare soil. As we head into spring, I love the different trees and shrubs, the flowers and plants that everyone chooses.

I love the old cars and tractors and farm equipment, the wagon wheels and split log fences. I even like the piles of useful stuff that some people (guilty) can’t seem to throw away because surely there will be a use for it someday. There are many things that make each house unique.

I hope that all our neighbors treasure the differences as much as we do. I would hate to lose the very thing that makes us special.

For anyone who may have missed their invitation, please try to stop by this Saturday for our open house from 4-7pm. We’ll have light refreshments and a chance for you to meet and greet some of Gardnerville and Douglas County’s elected officials.

I hope you’ll forgive me if my house is in what the delightful Erma Bombeck used to call CHAOS (can’t have anyone over syndrome) because I’d much rather be in my garden than dusting. I spent last weekend building a very crude cold frame to try my hand at some early lettuce. I also put out some tomato and pepper plants with some plant protectors I picked up at Ace Hardware. So far they seem to be surviving.

A quick note about the mailbox area: I still have the money we collected, but am having a hard time delivering it as I apparently wrote down the wrong address. If you can, drop me a note and remind me as I’m feeling very guilty about hanging on to it for so long.

Reach Karen Brier at, or 790-0072.