Indian Hills to pick another new trustee |

Indian Hills to pick another new trustee

by Christy Chalmers, staff writer

The Indian Hills General Improvement District board will try picking its fourth new member in three months Thursday.

The board will be interviewing applicants for the seat vacated by Rhonda Pascoe, who held the job less a month before resigning. District Manager Jim Bentley said Pascoe is moving to Illinois to be near relatives.

Bentley said the empty seat was advertised in a newsletter that was sent to district residents Sept. 1, but he didn’t know Monday how many people applied because the applications were directed to board chairman Steve Weaver.

“Hopefully, they’ve got enough applicants to make an appointment Thursday,” said Bentley.

The new trustee will serve only through December. The November election will determine four of the five board members who will be serving through 2002. The situation occurred because a recall effort affecting three board members coincided with the expiration of two other terms.

Two trustees, Joanne Riekenberg and Renee Haskell, were recalled in June and a third, Dick Fairfax, resigned before the recall election. Haskell’s term would have expired in December, while those of Fairfax and Riekenberg would have ended in 2002.

Three replacements were appointed to serve until December, with their future service to be decided by voters, who will choose a total of four trustees – two for the unexpired terms and two for the regular four-year terms.

Dan Hall was appointed to Fairfax’s seat and is seeking election to finish the last two years of the term. Another resident, Evan Riley, is also seeking to complete one of the unexpired terms.

Pascoe was appointed Riekenberg’s position, and she sought election to one of the two full four-year terms. Her name will still appear on the November ballot because the deadline for removing it is past, but there are three other candidates: Haskell, incumbent Ron Kruse and incumbent Dianne Fournier, who was appointed to Haskell’s position.

The top two voter-getters in that race will get the four-year terms.

Thursday’s meeting starts at 7 p.m. at the district office, 924-D Mica Drive.