Indian Hills offers $100 reward for vandalism |

Indian Hills offers $100 reward for vandalism

by Christy Chalmers, staff writer

Indian Hills officials are hoping $100 rewards will help stop thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to district property.

The general improvement district will begin offering $100 for information leading to the conviction of vandals, graffiti artists and anyone else who damages district property.

The policy was proposed by trustee Dan Hall, who says he’s noticed a growing number of graffiti tags on district property. District workers have spent an estimated 66 hours repairing sprinklers, unplugging toilets, painting over graffiti and repairing other damage since February of this year.

“It’s costing us probably $25 an hour to go out and play with that instead of mowing lawns and doing the things they need to be doing,” said trustee Ron Kruse.

A list of vandalism-related repairs made by district workers spans three pages. Breaking sprinkler heads at James Lee Park seems to be especially popular. Over eight months, 55 sprinkler heads have been lost.

“They actually stand on them and kick them,” said District Manager Jim Bentley. “We just repair them as a matter of course. It’s not so much graffiti as stupid vandalism.”

Indian Hills residents will be informed of the new program through newsletters, and signs will be placed around the district advising of the rewards.

Trustee Dianne Humble-Fournier said she hopes the reward policy will make Indian Hills residents more vigilant.

“I can’t be the only cop in the neighborhood running around, chasing kids,” she said.

The board also decided to limit overnight access to James Lee Park. The trustees said they’ve had complaints about unsavory nighttime activities at the park, such as possible drug dealing.

The board approved installing two more gates that will be closed half an hour after sunset until 7 a.m.